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The sake bomb or sake bomber is a drink made by pouring sake into a shot glass and dropping it into a glass of beer. Sometimes two chopsticks are placed parallel on top of the glass of beer, and the shot glass is balanced carefully between them. The table is then slammed with two balled fists, and the sake drops into the beer.[1] It is to be drunk immediately, and works best with warm sake.

Popular culture

  • The drink is extolled in the song "Sake Bomb" by New Zealand band The D4
  • Canadian band Sum 41 have a DVD titled "Sake Bombs and Happy Endings"
  • In episode "Adios Amigos" of the HBO show Entourage, Vincent Chase, Eric Murphy, and Ari Gold drink sake bombs at dinner.
  • In the NCIS episode SWAK, Anthony Dinozzo, (Michael Weatherly) asks Caitlin Todd, (Sasha Alexander), upon seeing she has a cold, if she was sake bombing. When she replies no, he tells her she should try it, because it is great for colds.
Sake Bomb
Type: Beer cocktail
Primary alcohol by volume: Beer
Served: "Straight up"; without ice
Standard drinkware: A pint glass and a shot glass.
Commonly used ingredients: 1 pint (~14 parts) beer
1 shot (1 part) Sake
Preparation: The shot of sake is dropped into the beer, causing it to fizz violently. The drink should then be consumed immediately.
















This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. It may not have been reviewed by professional editors (see full disclaimer)

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