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Slovak cuisine varies slightly from region to region. Slovak cuisine is traditionally rich in fat. It was influenced by the traditional cuisine of its neighbours and influenced these as well.

Dishes and Recipes

  • Pasta
  • Halušky varieties:
  • Bryndzové halušky (the main Slovak national dish)
  • Strapacky
  • široké rezance s tvarohom a slaninou: tagliatelle with liptov cheese and fried bacon

Slovak soup and sauce recipes

  • Beans soup

Pork, beef and poultry are the main varieties of meat consumed in Slovakia , with pork being the most popular by a substantial margin. Among poultry, chicken is most common, although duck, goose, and turkey are also well established. Game meats, especially boar, rabbit, and venison are also widely available around the year. Lamb and goat are also available, but for the most part are not very popular. The consumption of horse meat is generally frowned upon.

Wine is very common throughout all parts of Slovakia . Slovak wine comes predominantly from the southern areas along the Danube and its tributaries; the northern half of the country is too cold and mountainous to grow grapevines. Tokaj wine from the Tokaj area is among the best-known varieties. Traditionally, white wine was more popular than red or rosé (except in some regions), and sweet wine more popular than dry, but both these tastes seem to be changing.

Beer is also popular throughout the country. In most of the country, the Pils is predominant. There are many Slovak beer marks - for example Smädný mních (which means "thirsty monk") and Šariš. A number of regions have some special kind of local beer.

Two brands of soft drinks made in Slovakia stand out. Vinea is a unique grape soda made from grape juice with no aromatic and synthetic colouring additives, stabilised by pasteurisation. It has won several awards at Slovak and international food fairs. Kofola is a cola soft drink developed in former Czechoslovakia in 1960's. Both these drinks gained a huge nation-wide popularity partly because of good quality and partly because of the relative inaccessibility of the big brands. Nowadays you can buy them in groceries or order them in pubs either bottled or draught.

Eating Habits
Traditionally, the main meal of the day is lunch, eaten around noon. However, changing working habits have forced this to be changed in recent decades; today, it is not


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