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Sake is a Japanese wine made with rice. In a cocktail, it serves as a moderating agent to reduce the percentage of alcohol by volume in the drink and provide flavour. Sake has become an increasingly popular in variations on traditional cocktails as a replacement for vermouth in upscale bars and restaurants in the United States. These variations are then given a new name that somehow incorporates 'sake' into the name of the original cocktail.

Cocktails containing sake

  • Caipisake or Sakerinha - a Caipirinha made with sake instead of cacha├ža.
  • Duncan MacLeod - Coca-Cola, mixed with equal parts of Scotch whisky and sake over crushed ice. Named after a fictional character from the Highlander series, where an English actor (represented by the Coca-Cola) plays an immortal Scotsman (the Scotch whisky) with a Japanese blade (the sake).
  • Nog-a-Sake - Three parts sake, one part eggnog. Of uncertain provenance, but referenced on the US version of The Office by character Andy Bernard (played by Ed Helms).
  • Gong - 3 parts sake and 1 part PAMA pomegranate flavoured liquor hit side of glass with spoon serve chilled.
  • Sake Screwdriver - Mix 2 fl oz of sake with 6 fl oz of orange juice. Pour into highball glass with 2 or 3 ice cubes.
















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