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Romanian cuisine is diverse, blending the dishes of several traditions which it came into contact with, as well as maintaining its own character. It was greatly influenced by the Balkan cuisine, especially during the short Turkish invasions, but also includes influences of the cuisines of other neighbours, such as Germans, Serbians or Hungarians.

Recipies bear the same influences as the rest of Romanian culture: from Roman times there still exists the simple pie called placinta in Romanian and keeping the initial meaning of the Latin word placenta, the Turks have brought meat balls (mititei - fried meatballs or perisoare in a meatballs soup), from the Greeks there is the musaca, from the Bulgarians there are a wide variety of vegetable dishes like zacusca, from the austrians there is the snitel and the list could continue.

One of the most common meals is the mamaliga, a cornmeal mush, for a long time considered the poor men meal (N-are nici o mamaliga pe masa - He hasn't even a mamaliga on the table), but it has became wery appreciated in the recent time. Pork is the main meat used in romanian cuisine (Pestele cel mai bun, tot porcul ramâne - The best fish is always the pork), but also beef is consumed and a good lamb or fish dish is never to be refused. In conjunction with special events or periods, different recipies are prepared. During Christmas traditionally a pork is cut and prepared by every family in a wide variety of traditional recipies like: carnati - a kind of long sausages with meat, cartabosi - sausages made with liver and other intestines, piftie a gelly thing made with difficult to use parts like the feet or the head and ears and also tochitura (a kind of stew) is served along with mamaliga and wine (so that the pork can swim) and of course sweetened with the traditional cozonac (sweet bread with nuts or lokum - rahat in Romanian). At Easter lamb is served and the main dishes are roast lamb and drob - a cooked mix of intestines, meat and fresh vegetables, mainly green onion, seved with pasca (pie made with cottage cheese) as a sweetener.

Wine is the main drink and has a tradition of over two millennia. Romania is curently the world's 9'th wine producer, and recently the exports have started to grow. A wide variety of domestic (Feteasca, Grasa, Tamâioasa) and worldwide (Italian Riesling, Merlot, Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Muscat Ottonel) varieties are produced. Also Romania is the worlds's 2nd plum producer and almost all plum production becomes the famous tuica (a one time refined plum brandy) or palinca (2 or more times refined plum brandy). Also beer is highly appreciated, generally blonde pilsener beer, made with German influences.


List of meals

  • ardei umpluti
  • caltabosi
  • chiftele (a type of large meatballs covered with a flour crust or breadcrumb crust)
  • chiftelute de ciuperci (chiftele made of mushrooms rather than meat)
  • ciorba de burta
  • ciorba de perisoare
  • ciulama
  • dovlecei umpluti
  • drob
  • fasole verde
  • iahnie
  • piftie
  • placinte
  • pilaf
  • pirjoale
  • ostropel
  • limba cu masline
  • mamaliga (cornmeal mush)
  • mâncare de mazare
  • musaca
  • mititei
  • peste marinat
  • plachie
  • rasol (with garlic or horseradish)
  • saramura
  • sarmale
  • soté de morcovi
  • snitel
  • stufat de miel
  • supa de galuste
  • tocana, dim. tocanita (stew)
  • tochitura moldoveneasca
  • varza calita (steamed cabbage with pork ribs or duck or sausages, etc.)
  • zacusca


List of spices and salads

  • ardei copti
  • bors
  • muraturi
  • mujdei
  • salata de boeuf
  • salata de vinete
  • salata de cartofi
  • salata de macaroane
  • salata de telina
  • sfecla murata
  • salata de sfecla


List of cheese types

The generic name for cheese in Romania is brânza and it is considered to be of Dacian origin. Most of the cheese is made up of cow or sheep milk, the goat milk being rarely used.

  • brânza de burduf
  • brânza de vaci (sweet cow milk cheese)
  • brânza topita
  • cas
  • cascaval
  • telemea
  • urda


List of Desserts

  • baclava
  • covrigi
  • gogosi (donuts)
  • halva
  • rahat
  • placinta (pies)
  • coliva
  • cozonac
  • orez cu lapte
  • gris cu lapte
  • lapte de pasare
  • crema de zahar ars


List of drinks

  • socata
  • bere (beer)
  • palinca
  • rachiu (fruit brandy)
  • secarica (caraway seed brandy)
  • turt
  • tuica (plum brandy)
  • visinata (a type of cherry liqueur)
  • vin (wine)



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