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A lacto vegetarian diet is a vegetarian diet that includes dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, cream, and kefir. Unlike a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, eggs are excluded.

Lacto comes from the Latin word for milk. Pronunciation: lack' toe

This diet is popular with many followers of Eastern religious traditions, such as Jainism and Hinduism. It has also been popularised internationally since the 1960s

Lacto vegetarianism
Lacto vegetarianism

by the Hare Krishna movement.

Most vegetarians in India , as also those in the classical Mediterranean lands, such as Pythagoreans, are or were lacto vegetarian.

There are several different reasons why people choose to live a vegetarian lifestyle. These include, but are not limited to nutritional, ethical, environmental, economical, social and/or spiritual/religious. Aesthetically motivated vegetarians don't eat meat because they just don't like it. They may decide to give up meat but may continue to eat dairy products.

The American Dietetic Association states that a well-planned vegetarian diet can be consistent with good nutritional intake. Dietary recommendations vary with the type of vegetarian diet. Vegetarian diets that include some animal products (lacto-vegetarian and lacto-ovovegetarian) are nutritionally sound.

A lacto-ovo vegetarian (or ovo-lacto vegetarian, and sometimes incorrectly referred to as octo-lacto vegetarian, as "octo" means eight) is a vegetarian who consumes dairy products (i.e. milk and its derivatives, like cheese, butter, or yogurt) and eggs. Lacto means "dairy" and ovo means "eggs". Contrast this with strict vegetarians and vegans who consume neither.

In the Western world lacto-ovo vegetarians are the most common type of vegetarian. Generally speaking, when one uses the term vegetarian a lacto-ovo vegetarian is assumed. Lacto-ovo vegetarians are well-catered to in restaurants and shops, especially in Europe .



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