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Traditional Jharkhand cuisine is equally vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. These traditional dishes are not available at the restaurants as they have not been commercialised. However on a visit to a tribal village or a tribal wedding in a remote area one can get a chance to taste such exotic food. All preparation except the picles and festive ones are low on oil and spices.

Staple food & vegetables

  • Urid Dal - Urad, an Indian bean.
  • Rahar Dal
  • Bhat - Rice
  • Marua Roti
  • Chilka Roti - Roti made up of Rice powder
  • Kanda - Sweet potatoes are called Kanda. They are not made into a curry but eaten boiled along with red tea. This is a typical morning breakfast in villages.
  • Sanai phool
  • Konhra phool - Pumpkin flowers
  • Barri
  • Phutkal
  • Pechki
  • Joki - Moringa oleifera(Drumsticks)
  • Saakhin
  • Handua (Karil)
  • Putu (Rugra)
  • Khukhri - Mushrooms
  • Sandhna - Bamboo shoots. The shoots are cut into small size and made into a pulp. It's added to curries especially beans. This is also made into pickles.


  • Singhara or Samosa
  • Aloo Chop - This is similar to Aloo Bonda of South India or Batata vada of Maharashtra.
  • Baiganee Chop-This is made using slices of Brinjal. The brinjal slices are marinated with spices and salt. This is then dipped into a thin paste of besan and fried in mustard oil.
  • Vegetable Chop
  • Barra - a delicacy made of tablets of thick rough dough of grams mixed in grated onions and green chillies.
  • Pyaji
  • Dhuska
  • Pakauri or Pakora

Pickles & Chutneys

  • Sandhna ka achaar
  • Dhhepa chatni
  • Bilati (Tomato) chatni
  • Phutkal achhar
  • Imli chatni


  • Munga saag - Moringa oleifera
  • Kalmi saag
  • Gandhari saag
  • Koinar saag
  • Chakod saag
  • Sarla saag
  • Chench saag
  • Beng saag
  • Chimti saag
  • Katai saag
  • Dhhahdhhaa saag
  • Golgola saag


  • Keond
  • Satalu
  • Toot
  • Piarpithhor
  • Dumbar
  • Jaamun
  • Bair
  • Panera
  • Kathal
  • Falsa
  • Papita
  • Amrud

Food for Festive Occasions

  • Arsa
  • Nimki
  • Pitha
  • Kasar Larua
  • Murhi Larua


  • Tea (cha) - Tea is generally taken without milk. Instead of sugar jaggery or salt is used.
  • Hadia (Jhara,Diang,)- Any tribal festive ceremony in Jharkhand is incomplete without Hadia. Hadia is a type of Rice wine One glass of Hadia is quite refreshing, especially in the summer season. A stomachfull of Hadia also protects from sunstroke and also helps heal a running stomach. It's made out of local paddy rice by boiling it and then allowing it to ferment for 3-4 days. Sometimes it also made of Madua. For the fermenting process to start a preparation called "ranu", which is made of herbs, is added to the boiled rice. Though this is an entertaining and refreshing drink many a times it's intoxicating properties are being put to abuse.
  • Mahua (Arkhi)
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