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Irish whiskey is a whiskey made in Ireland. There are several types of whiskey common to Ireland: Single Malt, Single Grain, Pure Pot Still and Blended Whiskey.

The word whiskey is an Anglicisation of the ancient Gaelic term "uisce beatha" which translates as "water of life". Craythur is a modern Irish term for whiskey. The Irish spell the drink "whiskey" while the Scottish drop the "e".

Although similar to scotch in many ways, one way Irish Whiskey differs is that peat is almost never used in the malting process, so the smoky, earthy overtones of Scotch are absent. A notable exception to this is Connemara Peated Malt whiskey.

There are far fewer distilleries of Irish whiskey than there are distillers of Scotch. Economic difficulties in the last couple of centuries have led to great number of mergers and closures. Currently there are only three distilleries operating in Ireland (although each produces a number of different whiskeys): Midleton, Bushmills, and Cooley. Only Cooley's is Irish-owned.


Popular types


Irish whiskey comes in several forms. There is a single malt whiskey made from 100% malted barley distilled in a pot still, and a grain whiskey made from grains distilled in a column still. Grain whiskey is much lighter and more neutral in flavour than single malt and is almost never bottled as a single grain. It is instead used to blend with single malt to produce a lighter blended whiskey. Unique to Irish whiskey is pure pot still whiskey (100% barley, both malted and unmalted, distilled in a pot still). The "green" unmalted barley gives the pure pot still whiskey a spicy, uniquely Irish quality. Like single malt, pure pot still is sold as such or blended with grain whiskey. Usually no real distinction is made between whether a blended whiskey was made from single malt or pure pot still.

Irish whiskey is believed to be one of the earliest distilled beverages in Europe, dating to the mid-12th century (see Distilled beverage). The Old Bushmills Distillery lays claim to being the oldest licenced distillery in the world since gaining a licence from James I in 1608.


  • Blends - Bushmills Original, Locke's Blend, Inishowen, Millars, Midleton Rare, Black Bush, Jameson, Powers, Paddy, Kilbeggan, Tullamore Dew
  • Pure Pot Still - Redbreast (12 yrs), Green Spot, Jameson Pure Pot Still
  • Single Malt - Bushmills (10, 16, 21 yrs), Locke's Single Malt (8 yr), Tyrconnell, Connemara Peated Malt (Regular, Cask Strength & 12 yrs)
  • Single Grain - Greenore (8, 10 yrs)

Some of the Irish whiskey brands

Irish Single Malts

  • Brogan's Legacy Irish Single Malt
  • A Drop of the Irish
  • Bushmills Ten Year Old
  • Bushmills Sixteen Year Old
  • Cadenhead's Peated Single Malt
  • Clonmel Single Malt
  • Connemara
  • Erin Go Bragh
  • Jamesons
  • Knappogue Castle
  • Locke's Single Malt
  • Merrys Single Malt
  • Michael Collins Single Malt
  • Preston Millenium Malt
  • Shanahans
  • Shannon Grain Single Malt
  • Slaney Malt
  • Suir Peated Malt
  • Tyrconnell

Pure Pot Still Whiskeys

  • Green Spot
  • Daly's of Tullamore
  • Dungourney 1964
  • Dunville's VR
  • Dunville's Three Crowns
  • Jameson 15 Year Old Pot Still
  • Magilligan
  • Midleton 25 Year Old
  • Midleton 30 Year Old
  • Old Comber
  • Redbreast (whiskey)
  • Willie Napier 1945

Blended Irish Whiskeys

  • Avoca (whiskey)
  • Baileys Irish Whiskey
  • Ballygeary
  • Brennans
  • Bushmills White Bush
  • Bushmills Black Bush
  • Bushmills 1608
  • Cassidy's
  • Coleraine
  • Clontarf
  • Crested Ten
  • Dunphys
  • Erin's Isle
  • Feckin Irish Whiskey
  • Golden Irish
  • Grace
  • Hewitts
  • Inishowen
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Jameson 12 Year Old
  • Jameson Distillery Reserve
  • Jameson Gold
  • Kilbeggan
  • Locke's
  • Michael Collins Blend
  • Midleton Very Rare
  • Millars
  • Murphy's
  • Old Kilkenny
  • O'Briens
  • O'Neills
  • Old Dublin
  • Paddy
  • Powers Gold Label
  • Red Breast Blend
  • Strangford Gold
  • Tullamore Dew
  • Wild Geese

Single Grain Irish Whiskeys

  • Greenore














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