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The Hungarian or Magyar cuisine is the cuisine characteristic to Hungary and the Magyars.

Common misconception is that Hungarian cuisine received many influences from the nomadic ancestors of the Magyars. However, keep in mind that potatoes or paprika, which are very characteristic of Hungarian cuisine, are plants from the Americas and were not present in Europe before 1492. It indeed is influenced by the Transylvanian Romanians, and neighboring Slavic peoples however, as well as Austrian tastes. Like its music, Hungary has won much acclaim for its unique culinary culture.

Hungarian food is often spicy, using paprika, black pepper, and onions. Some of the "hot" paprika or red peppers are only for the bravest. Main dishes often contain potatoes. However, Hungarians are passionate about their soups, desserts, stuffed pancakes and cakes, with fierce rivalries between regional variations of the same dish, e.g. the fish soups cooked differently on the banks of Hungary 's two main rivers.

Typical Hungarian dishes

  • Gulyás (goulash) and gulyásleves (goulash soup)
  • Halászlé (Literally, "Fisherman's Broth"--Hungarian fish soup)
  • Töltött káposzta (stuffed cabbage)
  • Húsleves (meat soup)
  • Dobos torta (sponge cake layered with chocolate paste and glazed with caramel and nuts)
  • Palacsinta (stuffed pancake)
  • Vaníliás kifli(vanilla cookie)
  • Cigánypecsenye (Gypsy Roast)
  • Pörkölt (meat stew)
  • Túrórudi (snack food resembling a stick of cheesecake covered whith dark chocolate. It is actually sweetened cottage cheese covered with chocolate. It may sound strange at first, but those who tried it recognize its great flavor.)

Some of Hungary 's finest cuisine can be enjoyed in famous Budapest restaurant Gundel (arguably the most expensive restaurant in Hungary ).


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