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Eatoutzone is the first of its kind website where you will find listing of Indian restaurants of all levels in a given city. Most websites dealing with the restaurants invariably provide details of the top end establishments only. This is fine as long as you are looking out for an eating place for that special occasion or on a short visit to the city. Every city worth its name has a plethora of eating places serving delicious food at reasonable prices. At times, even the natives may not be aware of the existence of such places. Our readers will be privy to detailed information on these eateries though special articles posted on this site from time to time.

Eating out
on special occasions has acquired the status of a ritual among the advanced societies. What started as an alternative to cooking at home has taken a rather complex shape. Where you eat is often more important than what you eat. A restaurant, sans a review by an authentic critic, is seldom patronized by the men who matter.

An example: A friend of mine, taken in by recommendation in a travel magazine, took me to a restaurant in Goa . It turned out to be a seaside shack made of a thatched roof over a low brick wall. Furniture consisted of tables and benches, crudely made from discarded packing wood. Menu was scribbled with chalk on a worn out wooden board, originally painted black, hung on one of the bamboo pillars supporting the roof. Every bite of the food needed the helping of some liquid to push it down the throat. That’s how my friend tackled her dinner while I enjoyed a warm beer direct from the bottle. It was a place I would eat in after going hungry for not less than a month. Thanks to the Lonely Planet, every table was occupied by the elite tourists and creatures of lower biological order.


  • It divides humanity into the largest number of groups
  • It is the oldest and basic occupation of all living things.
  • In all probability, plants must have started moving in search of food and become animals.
  • Even to this day, people die of starvation in some parts of the world.
  • The rich eat when they want and the poor eat when they can.

Man has come a long way from plucking fruits from the trees in jungles and eating to satisfy his hunger. We have GM (genetically modified) foods today. Faster growing plants, higher yielding crops, seedless fruits, larger sized vegetables, low fat milk and the list is endless. Japanese have gone to the extent of growing the watermelons into cubic shape to facilitate efficient transportation of the same. Eatoutzone will bring interesting facts on food to you through “food trivia”, a page dedicated to this subject.

Noting lives where there is nothing to dirk. At least, that is what our scientists tell us, as of today. According them, planets with no water are not likely to support life. But then we are not talking of water here. Luckily, we have more than water to drink on our planet. We have poured them all into “beverages”. As you must have rightly guessed, we have sub-classified them into Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic. With time, we will be further sub-classifying them. Click on “beverages” to know more about wines and whiskies.

If man has perfected one thing, it is the art of complicating simple tasks in life. In the name of culture and etiquettes, the act of eating and drinking has been refined into an art. Apart from a general article on etiquette, some foods and drinks discussed in this site will have a note on specific ways of serving and consuming them. For example, in the elite Middle Eastern societies, it is rude to say that you are done with the never ending servings of tea and coffee. You just shake the empty cup (like you would shake a rattle) when the host comes to you for filling up your cup. Next time you are visiting a strange land, it will help to learn some of their etiquettes beforehand.

Countries, and often regions within the countries, take pride in offering distinct ways of cooking their dishes, albeit with similar ingredients. They take great care to train their chefs to recreate the traditional tastes. Connoisseurs not only appreciate but are often fussy about the delicate difference between regions. Eatoutzone will add every cuisine of the world on this site in due course of time. It is a gargantuan task, please bear with us.

Most societies, due to religious, social or traditional reasons, have certain self imposed customs and rituals when it comes to eating. One’s custom may be in conflict with another’s. Unless it causes severe trauma, it is better to do in Rome as Romans do. It may some times be better to totally avoid such eating experiences. After all, the phrase “can’t be swallowed” didn’t drop from the sky.

Review and Rate
Didn’t some one tell you how good the restaurant is? If no one did, having enjoyed your food there, you can tell others. Or add to what others have already said. Eatoutzone provides you the facility to rate and review restaurants. It is free and requires no registration or membership. We are sure that your favorite restaurant will appreciate your effort in expressing your views. Both, the rating and the reviewing, are dynamic and the site does not interfere with your preference. Offensive language and personal abuse are of course barred.

Virtual Visit
In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, eatoutzone encourages restaurants to publish the pictures of their facility, food and pricing on our site. You can have a virtual visit to the restaurant before going there physically. Since this facility requires participation from a third party, it will be updated as and when the particular restaurant opts for it. Wherever possible, a direct link to the restaurant’s website is provided for your convenience.

Feed Back and Privacy
Any data that you provide on this site will be treated in extreme confidentiality and will not be shared with other agencies. We welcome your views and suggestions to improve





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