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The German Chocolate Cake is a layered chocolate-buttermilk cake filled and topped with a coconut-pecan frosting.

This cake was not actually invented by Germans. The original recipe was sent by a homemaker in Dallas in 1957 to a newspaper in Texas. It used Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate, which was created in 1852 by an Englishman named Sam German for the Baker's Chocolate brand.The cake had an immediate and enthusiastic response, and requests about where to find the German's chocolate bar were so numerous that General Foods (who owned Baker's Chocolate) decided to send pictures of the cake to newspapers all around the country. Everywhere the recipe had the same response and the sales for the

German Chocolate Cake
German Chocolate Cake


chocolate exploded.Now the cake is a regular item in bakeries across the country, and also can be found on store shelves in the form of cake mix.

The cake may not have been an invention of the Dallas housewife. Buttermilk-chocolate cakes have been popular in the South for over 70 years. In addition, pecans, used for the frosting, are plentiful in the area. German's chocolate is similar to a milk chocolate and sweeter than regular baking chocolate.

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