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03 November 2006
All current fish, seafood species could collapse by 2048

Marine species loss is accelerating and threatening human well-being, according to a report published in the 3 November issue of the journal Science published by AAAS, the non-profit science society.

"Species have been disappearing from ocean ecosystems and this trend has recently been accelerating," said lead author Boris Worm. "Now we begin to see some of the consequences. For example, if the long-term trend continues, all fish and seafood species are projected to collapse within my lifetime -- by 2048." Worm is an assistant professor of marine conservation biology at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada.

All current fish, seafood species could collapse by 2048

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Turmeric supplements show promise in treating arthritis

More than 40 percent of arthritis sufferers in the U.S. report using complementary and alternative medicine, including dietary supplements, and the use of alternative remedies has increased since the FDA issued health warnings about anti-inflammatory drugs such as Celebrex, says EurekAlert release. However, the effectiveness of many supplement ingredients has not been adequately studied. To complicate the matter, over-the-counter supplements are not regulated in the same way as drugs and their composition can vary widely. A new study published in the November 2006 issue of Arthritis & Rheumatism ( examined the effect and mechanism of turmeric (a botanical supplement long thought to have anti-inflammatory properties) on arthritis.

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KFC cuts out unhealthy trans-fats
Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced it will stop using trans-fatty acids for most of its products from next April.
All current fish, seafood species could collapse by 2048
Species have been disappearing from ocean ecosystems and this trend has recently been accelerating...
More indians are non veg
Is India a predominantly vegetarian country? How are eating habits related to caste, community and region?
Feel good food
Are you really only wide awake after a tumbler of steaming, hot coffee?

Intolerance of food habits
ALTHOUGH I grew up eating what "Inglish" calls "NV" (non- vegetarian) food, there was one meat that was never on our dining table...

Celebrating food: let's do an Indian
Food evokes strong emotions. Think of Charlie Chaplin in his role as the Tramp sitting down to a dinner of boiled leather boots.

Corporate Health Some food for thought
Here are some food facts to remember when you want to go gorging or starving - ... Use food intelligently as a source of health to make you feel good ...

All that fuss over food
Does your child fuss about food? Experiment a bit and happiness might just be a bite away

Simple food, simpler man
Lucky Ali shares his experiences, some sweet, some bitter, about his food and film preferences...

It is all about food and fitness
Belly rules the mind is what Azharuddin believes. He tells how and why...

Colour wise, food wise
Discover a new Paresh Maity. Not just great canvases, he can make all kinds of pakodas, chutneys, pickles and egg curry too
Gastronomic journeys
A hundred years ago, India was divided into hundreds of riyasats ruled over by maharajas
Culinary customs
There are perhaps more customs, rules, taboos, proverbs and superstitions associated with food than with anything else
The old order changeth
I often think how the way we cook and eat has changed over the past few decades.

Spice up your meal
Aren't we lucky to have such an extraordinary range of spices and aromatic herbs? Pickles - the life of every Indian meal.

Fusion confusion
Fusion food: a style of cooking which is becoming increasingly popular the world over but..

Why we eat the way we do
If you are urban and middle-class,....In aloo aur palak ki bhaaji the iron that is trapped...

Deliciously different
No doubt cooking is a science. It's just that Sanjeev Kapoor makes it look like an art...

And now fusion curry
The misconception that the Indian curry is a single dish...curry dates back to the South Indian kaari

Aromas from the Kumaon hills
Corbett Country was immortalised by Jim Corbett in his book The Maneaters Of Kumaon, but little is known about the cuisine of this

Spice and sensibility
We are trying to create a resurgence of Indian food...Everybody is aware of health and heart attacks and cholesterol is a...

Evening picnics along the Cauvery
Preparations with foodstuff began months ahead, but not for eating...

Dining in style
Indians love to organise feasts of unbelievable grandeur and opulence...Westerners have a wonderful way of laying the table...

Kebabs from the Nawabs
Royal kitchens have nurtured the talents of great chefs...let us just look at the variety of kebabs that emerged from these kitchens..

An ethnic Moplah feast
The Malayalam speaking Muslims of Kerala are known as Moplahs...they displayed marked variations in some food items...

Kitchenware of a bygone era
I had this huge bowl of cream waiting to be churned into butter...I never again used my electric mixer...

Relics from the past
Take a look at some of these relics from kitchens of long ago...tumblers of bronze complete with mud stove...

Food for thought
It's time to move away from the instant food regime of soft drinks and pizza. Change over to healthy home food to feel better.

Legislation to replace 16 food laws
Indian Union Minister favours amendment to APMC Act for benefit of farmers, processors

Fighting malnutrition
Malnutrition lowers resistance to diseases...cereals, millets, pulses, vegetables, fruits, milk, oils and nuts, eggs and fleshy foods..

Hidden by hunger
It is not enough to attain food security. The need of the hour is to get to nutritional security

Boost your metabolism
How to burn fat and maintain a great body.

Unpalatable truth?
The realities of hunger and poverty have led to an association of being "plump" with being wealthy.
Flavours of a culture
FOOD provides one of the most fascinating windows into a culture...

Fine dining, fast dining
To keep the cash registers ringing, food has to be served fast too...

Putting processed food on top shelf
FOR all those equating processed food with junk food, here's something to chew on

Magic of the Middle East
Milad Antoun serves millionaires, actors, politicians and Presidents
Food and drinks are just matters of faith
a simple test of purity and freshness is that it should give you a pleasant feeling when you taste it...
Fear, not awareness is the key
This generation is feasting all the time on calorie rich food with little or no exercise to burn calories...
Cook and tell the world about it
If good food is your forte, let the world know through your blog...
Art of Indian cooking
Indian cuisine is not only tasty but also nutritionally balanced..
Sanjeev's spice route
"The South is too possessive of its food, that's why South Indian food isn't as popular as the North Indian food....
We are what we eat
"You are what you eat", says Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life...
Dinner in Manhattan
In the U.S., Indian vegetarian kosher restaurants are a success...
Find a healthier option with organic food
Pesticides and fertilizers have wrought havoc on soil as well as people's health...
Dieting? It's easy now
If you thought health foods tasted like sawdust grimly held together with glue, think again...



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