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Among the most notable of American inventions, ranking at least with Coca-Cola (1887) and homogenized milk (1904), is the concoction known as the cocktail. In 1806 a newspaper in Hudson , New York, defined it as "a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters--it is vulgarly called bittered sling, and is supposed to be an excellent electioneering potion." The occasions for drinking a cocktail have expanded beyond political campaigns, and the recipe has varied ever since, limited only by the imagination of the bartender and the supply of liquor on hand.   In the mid-twentieth century H. L. Mencken defined cocktail simply as "any hard liquor, any milder diluent and a dash of any pungent flavoring." By then it had became so renowned that, with tongue only slightly in cheek, Mencken could assert that "to multitudes of foreigners" the cocktail "seems to be the greatest symbol of American life."
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Cocktails With Wine
Cocktails With Whisky
Cocktails With Gin
Cocktails With Rum
Cocktails With Vodka
Cocktails With Sake
Cocktails With Bourbon
Cocktails With Beer
Cocktails With Tequila
Other Cocktails
Shots / Shooters
Flaming Cocktails
Glossary of Drinking

Where the name cocktail came from is anyone's guess, but that has not stopped its devotees from imagining. Perhaps its source is coquetier, French for "egg cup." Perhaps its source is cock ale, an English drink said to consist of ale and chicken broth. Perhaps not.

The many kinds of cocktails have acquired their own names. The Manhattan (1890) was named for a hotel in the heart of New York City . The Martini (1894) reportedly gets its name from the well-known Martini brand of vermouth. And the Old-Fashioned (1901) uses the original (1806), now "old fashioned" cocktail recipe.

In the twentieth century, cocktail gained wider use in compounds like cocktail hour (1927), cocktail party (1928), cocktail dress (1935), and cocktail lounge (1939). The word also extended its meaning to encompass any stimulating mixture, evidenced by terms like fruit cocktail (1928), shrimp cocktail (1960), and the explosive Molotov cocktail (1939). At the less hard-drinking end of the century, it is perhaps in such nonalcoholic combinations that the word will survive.

This is just a partial list of cocktails. More mixes are created every day accross the world.


B & B

Admiral Vernon
B & B Collins Apricot Pie

Belfast Bomber

Banana daiquiri
Between The Sheets Bee's kiss


Brandy Alexander

Between The Sheets

Brandy cocktail Blue Hawaiian
Brandtea Brass Monkey
Bull's Milk Caipirinha
Charleston Cuba Libre
Incredible Hulk Daiquiri
International Daiquiri Blossom  
Rolls Royce

Dark Stormy

Sidecar Devil's Asshole COCKTAILS WITH BEER
Steeplejack Devil's Tail Black and Tan
Stinger El Burro Black Velvet
Widow's Kiss Fluffy Duck Boiler
  Flyin' 151 Boiler (navy version)
  Frozen Daiquiri Boilermaker
COCKTAILS WITH WINE G-Spot Flaming Dr. Pepper
Good Morning Sunrise Flip
Black Velvet
Henry Morgan's Grog Irish Carbomb
Buck's Fizz
Hot Buttered Rum Jimmy & Guinney
Jenny Craig Lager and lime
Champagne Blues

Mai Tai

Champagne Classic
Mulata Mix
Death in the Afternoon
Piña Colada
Funky Blue Drink
Planter's Punch
Jumping Dragon

Pope's Penis ( Malibu rum)

Rum and Coke
Kir Royale
Suffering Bastard
Tall Islander
Black Devil
Mulled Claret
Tom and Jerry
Brave Bull
One-Balled Dictator

Xalapa punch

Prince of Wales
Esoteric Solipsist
Qin King's Colour
Zombie punch
Flat Liner
Rum and Pepsi Frozen Matador
  Mexican Ruin
Sherry Eggnog
Apple Pie Pope's Penis
Southern Champagne
Appletini Tequila Manhattan
Banana punch Tequila Mockingbird
Tang's Ware
Baptist Redemption Tequila Sunrise
Waltzing Matilda
Bitch Slammer TNT (tequila and Tabasco)
Wine Collins
Black Cossack  
Zurracapote Black Marble OTHER COCKTAILS
  Black Russian Banana Banshee
  Bloody Mary Bandito
Blue Lagoon Caipirinha
Bolshevik Danish Mary
Clubman Bradford Frangelico Luau
Comfortable Screw Bullshot Golden Cadillac
Dom Pedro Caesar Golden Dream
More Irish rootbeer float Cherry Limeade Greek Tiger
Everything But Cherry Vodka Green Cow
Godfather Cosmopolitan Hangman's Blood
Horse's Neck Danis Jäger Bomb
Irish Carbomb Dirty Water Jäger Colada
Irish Coffee Ectoplasm Karsk
Jimmy&Guinney Funky Blue Drink Maria Teresa
Jungle Juice Fuzzy Navel
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
Lady Hunt Gentleman's Speedball Pimm's #1 Cup
Leprechaun Greyhound
Pink Squirrel
Lynchburg Lemonade Godmother
Pisco Sour
Manhattan Goodbye Russia With Love
New Orleans Harvey Wallbanger
Old Fashioned Headless Horseman
Mad Russian (Rasputin) Irish Rootbeer Float Tucker Death Mix
Masked Alaskan Jamie's Suicide Sweet Chocolate Brown
Rattlesnake Jolly Rancher  
Rob Roy Jungle Breeze SHOTS / SHOOTERS
Rusty Nail Kamikaze Angel's Tit
Sazerac Kremlin Colonel Autumn Leaf
Scotch Mist Lemon Drop B-52
Spirit of Scotland Long Island Iced Tea Bastille Bomb
Suburban Maude cocktail Bleeding Brain
Three Rivers Moscow Mule Buttery Nipple
Turbina Mudslide Cactus Flower
Waldorf Poison Arrow Cement Mixer
Whiskey Fizz Q Martini Cocksucking Cowboy
Whiskey sour Rabid Dog Cowboy Killer
White Heather Rene Dead German
  Rose Kennedy Cocktail Depth Charge
  Russian Coffee Flatliner
COCKTAILS WITH GIN Salmiakki Koskenkorva Gorilla Fart
Alexander Salty Dog Galliano Hot Shot
Apoica Salvatore Green and Gold
Aviation Scotch Frog Griswold
Blue Arrow Screaming Viking Flatliner
Bronx Screwdriver Lemon Drop
Cardinale Sea Breeze Love Bite
Chihuahua Bite Sex on the Beach Molotov Cocktail
French 75 Sex everywhere Oatmeal Cookie
Gibson Sex with Jamie B Pousse Cafe
Gimlet Soviet Quick Fuck
Gin and Tonic The Game Screaming Nazi
Gin Fizz Vodkadew Slippery Nipple
Gin Breeze Vodka Gimlet Sombrero
Gin rickey Vodka Grasshopper Surfer on Acid
Granny Panties Vodka Martini or Vodkatini Sweet tight pussy
Green Dragon Vodka Sour Tequila Slammer
Hanky-Panky Vodka and Coke TNT cocktail
Lady Finger Vodka and Iced Tea Uboot
Long Island Iced Tea Volga Boatman  
Maiden's Prayer Vodka Red Bull FLAMING COCKTAILS
Martini White Russian Bailey's Comet
Mickey Slim Woo Woo Flaming Dr. Pepper
Montgomery   Flaming Lamborghini
Naga   Gas Chamber
Negroni COCKTAILS WITH SAKE Molotov Cocktail
Pink Gin Geisha  
Salty Dog Sake Bomb  
Satan's Whiskers Tamagozake MIXERS
Singapore Sling  
Old Oxford University punch
Sloe Gin Fizz   Apple Ginger punch
Swank Motel
Bourbon county cowboy
Rose's lime juice
Tin Roof Dixie Dew Carbonated water
TNT Manhattan Grenadine
Tom Collins Midnight Cowboy Sour mix
Wedding Belle Mint Julep Tonic water
White Lady Jack & Sam Vermouth
911 Targa Gentle Sea Breeze Peter's Special
Aqueous Martini Baby Golden Glow Pick-me-up Gently
Cocktail Grape Flip Pick-me-up Gently
Baby Face Grape Lemon Pineapple Pina Cocos
Baby Love Smoothie Pineapple Lemonade
Baki Grapefruit Cocktail Pineapple Power
Balu Grapefruit Lemonade Plain Eggnog
Banana Cantaloupe Great Grapes Planters Dream
Smoothie Greek Iced Coffee Polynesian Pick-me-up
Banana Milk Shake Green Garden Prairie Oyster
Banana Punch Happy Morning
Purple Cow, or a float made
Banana Strawberry Shake Helldriver with grape soda
Berry Berry Hodge Podge Purple Jimm
Bicycle Honeymoon Pussyfoot
Black and Blue Berries Honeysweet Coffee Rail Splitter
Black cow (aka Brown Cow, Hot Brick Toddy Raspberry Punch
or root beer float) Hot Pussy Raspberry Sherbet Punch
Blackberry Drink Hot Scotch Red Angel
Blue Spark Ipanema Red Moon
Boston cooler Jackboy Roadrunner
Bora Bora Jogging Flip
Rocky Mountain (unleaded)
Cafe D'olla Jones' Beach Rose De Mai Cocktail
Caitian Tongue Tickler Jungle Cooler Roy Rogers
Catherine Blossom Kanaan Safe Sex on the Beach
Charly Brown Late Nite Coffee Saint Clement's
Cherry Ale Lemon Cocktail Shirley Temple
Cherry Pop Lemon Concoction Skyway Seabreeze
Chicago Lemonade Lemon Flip Sour Mix
Children's Caipi Lemon Squash Spanish Chocolate
Chocolate Beverage Limeade Spiced Peach Punch
Chocolate Drink Long Distance Runner Spring Fever
Christina's Special Mellow Yellow Strawberry Dream
Coco Choco Mexicana Strawberry Lemonade
Coconut Banana Monkey Milk Strawberry Pineapple Milk
Coconut Kiss Mother Superior Shake
Coconut Lips Mr P Nutt Strawberry Punch
Cool Cow Mush Melon Strawberry Shivers
Cranberry Punch Octopussy Suffering Bastard
Crazy Cow Orange Cocktail Sugar Syrup
Dutch Treat Orange Cooler Sun in The Glas
Easy Coce Orange Fizz Sunbreaker
Easr coast punch Orange Flip Sweet Bananas
Egg Cream Orange Julius(r) Sweet Chocolate Brown
End Wrench Orange Smile Tell's shot
Fanta Sunset Orange Velvet Tropic Beach
Fanta Sunset 2 Orangeade Vanilla Shake
Florida Orgeat Lemonade Virgin Mary
Freddie Bartholomew Parisette Virgin Pina Colada
Fruit Cooler Peanut Butter Shake Winter Sun
Fruit Explosion Pelican Witch Taste 13
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