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Canadian whisky is whisky made in Canada; by law it must be aged there at least three years in a wooden barrel of not greater than 700 L capacity. Most Canadian whiskies are blended multi-grain whiskies and are usually lighter and smoother than other whiskey styles. These are also called "rye whisky," in Canada though the American definition of "Rye Whiskey" prevents them from being so labeled in the USA. Although rye is often a primary component in Canadian whiskies, the use of rye is not dictated by legal standards.

Canadian whisky featured prominently in illegal imports (known as bootlegging) into the U.S. during Prohibition in the 1920s. Hiram Walker and Seagram's have distilleries in Windsor, Ontario across the Detroit River from Detroit, Michigan that easily served small, fast smuggling boats. The long, undefended U.S.-Canadian border made smuggling fairly easy.

Canadian single malt
Since 1991, Glenora, an independent distillery in Glenville, Nova Scotia, on Cape Breton Island, has been producing unblended malt whisky in the Scottish style. Their product, Glen Breton Rare, was as of


Popular types


2003 the only single malt whisky produced in Canada, and the oldest of the few produced in the Americas.

Quebec Maple Whisky
In Quebec, Maison des Futailles (owned by the SAQ) produces two so-called maple whiskies. The first one, Fine Sève, is made from the distillation of maple wine (which is then aged in oak barrels, giving it a distinctive taste). The second, Sortilège, is a mix of Canadian whisky and maple syrup. While these two products are not whiskies per se, they have often been described as such.

  • Fine Sève
  • Sortilège



  • Canadian Club (The only North American distiller to have been granted a Royal Warrant)
  • Glen Breton Rare (single malt)
  • Alberta Premium (100% Rye)
  • Crown Royal
  • Wiser's whiskey


Some of the Canadian whisky brands

Canadian single malt

  • Glenora Distillery, Glenville, Nova Scotia (independent)
    • Glen Breton Rare

Canadian blended whisky

      • Alberta Distillers, Calgary (independent)
    • Alberta Premium
    • Alberta Springs Rye Whisky 10 Years Old
    • Tangle Ridge Aged 10 Years
      • Allied Domecq
    • McGuinness Silk Tassel
      • Barton
    • Barton's Canadian 36 Months Old
    • Canadian Host
    • Canadian Supreme
    • Corby's Canadian 36 Months Old
    • McMaster's
    • Northern Lights
      • Canadian Mist Distillers, Collingwood, Ontario (Brown-Forman)
    • Canadian Mist
      • Century Distilling, Vancouver
    • Century Reserve 8 Year Old
    • Century Reserve 13 Year Old
    • Century Reserve 15 Year Old
    • Century Reserve 21 Year Old
      • Corby Distilleries, Toronto (Allied)
    • Gooderham & Worts Ltd
    • Lot No. 40
    • Pike Creek
    • Royal Reserve
      • Highwood Distillery, High River, Alberta
    • Centennial 10 Year Old Rye Whisky
    • Highwood Canadian Rye Whisky
    • Saskatchewan Wheatland Rye Whisky
      • Hiram Walker (Allied)
    • Canadian Club Premium
    • Canadian Club Sherry Cask Aged Eight Years
    • Canadian Club Reserve 10 Years of Age
    • Canadian Club Premium Classic Aged 12 Years
    • Hiram Walker Special Old Rye Whisky
    • Wiser's Deluxe
    • Wiser's Deluxe 10 Years Old
    • Wiser's Very Old
    • Wiser's Special Blend
    • Rich & Rare
      • Kittling Ridge (independent)
    • Forty Creek Barrel Select
    • Forty Creek Three Grain
      • Maple Leaf Distillers, Winnipeg
    • Canadian Cellars Rye Whisky
      • Schenley (Barton)
    • Black Velvet DeLuxe
    • Gibson's Finest Aged 12 Years
    • Gibson's Finest Rare Aged 18 Years
    • Gibson's Finest Sterling Edition
    • Schenley Golden Wedding
    • Schenley OFC Aged 8 Years
      • Diageo
    • Crown Royal
    • Crown Royal Limited Edition
    • Crown Royal Special Reserve
    • Seagram's 83 Canadian Whisky
    • Seagram's Five Star Rye Whisky
    • Seagram's VO
  • Windsor Distillary
    • Windsor Canadian














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