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The Best Bet Diet is a proposal from the Direct-MS charity to improve the outcome of multiple sclerosis. Currently a clinical trial is being performed to test its effectivity. The Best Bet Diet has become popular in the Multiple Sclerosis world.

The Best Bet Diet is a little like the song from The Singing Detective: "Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative".

Fruits Fruits  

Eating the wrong food is thought to lead to a lack of the nutrients that help to keep your immune system in control, and the wrong food can also cause the immune system to attack your body.

Adherents therefore cut out the wrong stuff (eliminate the negative) and add some of the right stuff. The diet is dairy-free, gluten-free and egg-free. It's also yeast restrictive, sugar restrictive and low in saturated fat. There's a list of supplements you're also advised to take to accentuate the positive.

People with Multiple Sclerosis say how much better they feel on this diet - less tired and fewer relapses. And if you look on the positive side of things, it could actually be quite palatable - lots of white meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Some people also say that tequila is OK too.

Critics of the diet, argue that there is no scientific evidence that consuming dairy,eggs,yeast or gluten has a negative impact on people with ms. They also say that the diet is so restrictive, that people on it are at risk of going short of vital nutrients. They also point out to the lack of scientific studies done on the effects of such a diet on a person with Multiple Sclerosis

The basis is:

  • Eat fruits and vegetables for carbohydrates and micro-nutrients
  • Eat fish and skinless breast of chicken and turkey, for protein
  • Eat extra virgin olive oil for fats
  • Avoid all dairy, grains (except rice), legumes
  • Avoid all allergenic foods, which are identified by skin and ELISA tests
  • Avoid all red meat and margarine

They also propose the following supplements:

1. Grape seed extract 2 capsules/day
2. VitaminD3 2000 IU/day in summer and 4000 IU/day in winter
3. Calcium 1200 mg/day
4. Vitamin A 5000 IU/day
5. 10 grams salmon oil
6. Vitamin B-complex 50 mg/day
7. 500 mcg of B-12
8. 1 g of vitamin C
9. 400 IU of vitamin E
10. up to 750 mg of magnesium (a good Ca/Mg ratio is 2:1)
11. 25 mg of zinc
12. 1 mg of copper
13. 200 mcg of selenium
14. Manganese 20 mg/day
15. up to 5 g of evening primrose oil or borage oil
16. 4 capsules of acidophilus
17. 4 capsules of enzymes
18. 500 - 1000 mg of Lecithin
19. Ginkgo biloba 120 mg/day
20. Co-enzyme Q10 60 mg/day

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