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Assyrian cuisine is very closely related to other Middle Eastern cuisines. It predates both Arab and Turkish cuisine in Western Asia . It is also similar to Armenian, Persian, Jewish and Greek cuisine. It is believed that Assyrians invented Baklava in the 8th century BCE.

Ftarta (Breakfast)
Common breakfast usually contains; eggs (scrambled, sunny side up, hard boiled) usually with fried tomatoes, tahina (sesame seed paste) with either fig jam or date syrup, bastirma (dried sausage), geimar (cream), halawa, etc.

Breakfast is usually eaten wrapped in pita or in bite-size scoops of pita.

Maza (Appetizer)
These are similar to related cuisines' version(s) of Mezze.

Khadaya w Ashaya (Lunch and Dinner)
Typical Lunch usually consists of; Basmati Rice (usually cooked with mini noodles), Burghul (also cooked with mini noodles), and it is usually accompanied with a stew, salad called "Zalata", or yogurt called "Masta."

The most common stews are, Potato Curry, Navy Beans called "Fasulya," Green Beans, and crushed Lentil soup called "Tlokhei," there is also a rice and cabbage meal called "Tirkhena."

Most stews consist of tomato paste, water, small pieces of steak or chicken, and spices.

During the Holidays there are special dishes. There are biryani, pacha, kubba, maqluba, dolma, and other dishes.



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