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Anglo-Indian cuisine is the often distinct cuisine of the Anglo-Indian community. Traditional British dishes, like roast beef, are often spiced with the addition of cloves, red chillies, and other Indian spices. Fish or meat is often cooked in curry form with Indian vegetables. Anglo-Indian food often involves liberal use of coconut, yogurt and almonds. Roasts and curries, rice dishes, and breads all have a distinctive flavour. Salted Beef

Anglo-Indian Breakfast


Tongue, Country Captain, Fish Rissoles and, of course, Mulligatawny, are some of the better known Anglo-Indian dishes. The cuisine's sweatmeats include seasonal favourites like the "kul-kuls" and "rose-cookies" traditionally made pre-Christmas. There is also a great deal of innovation to be seen in their soups, entrees, side dishes, sauces and salads. A sauce that started out as an Anglo-Indian delicacy was brought to the UK by Lord Marcus Sandys, the Governor of Bengal, who retired to Worcester . The recipe was bought by Lea and Perrins and made into a commercial success as Worcestershire sauce.



Some early restaurants in England served Anglo-Indian food, such as Veeraswamy in Regent Street , London , and their sister restaurant, Chutney Mary. They have however, largely reverted to the standard Indian dishes that are better known to the British public.

The term is also used for the Indian dishes adapted during the British Raj in India some of which later became fashionable in Britain .

Rose Cookies


The British also introduced some European foods to India which are still eaten now, such as beetroot.

More recently the Bangladeshis in Britain have anglicized various Indian dishes resulting in some well known British favourites like the chicken tikka masala and balti.

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