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Albanian cuisine consists of local dishes from around the country of Albania . Many of these dishes are typical of the Balkans and indeed the Mediterranean , but some are local specialties. The main meal of the Albanians is lunch and it is usually accompanied by a salad of fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, olives, olive oil, vinegar and salt.

Lunch also includes a main dish of vegetables and meat. Seafood specialties are also common in the coastal areas of Durres , Vlora and Saranda

Albanian dishes

  • Albanian vegetable pie
  • Baked lamb and yogurt
  • Baked leeks
  • Bean Jahni soup
  • Byrek
  • Elli's veal or chicken with walnuts
  • Fërgesë of Tirana with peppers
  • Fërgesë of Tirana with veal
  • Fried meatballs (Qofte të fërguara)
  • Garlic dressings
  • Korce Kolloface
  • Mixed vegetables
  • Potato and cabbage soup
  • Stewed dry figs dessert
  • Veal with large lima beans

The desserts most common in Albania are made throughout the Balkans.

  • Hallva
  • Hasude
  • Llokume
  • Kadaif
  • Muhalebi
  • Revani
  • Sultjash

Soft drinks
Mineral water is among the most preferred non-alcoholic drinks in Albania along with carbonated beverages. Some of these are produced locally and some are imported from abroad.

  • Carbonated and mineral waters
  • Various fruit juices and soft drinks
  • Albanian buttermilk
  • Milk

Alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages are vastly consumed in Albania . Most of these are produced locally, and even by private citizens.

  • Beer (see Birra Tirana for a local brand)
  • Brandy - the Albanian brandy Skanderbeg is renowned in Europe
  • Raki
  • Red and white wines


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